Desi Anfield Index Podcast A Podcast for Desi Liverpool Supporters!

January 16, 2015  

The Desi Team are back but without Enzo who is nursing Manchester Wala Flu! Gags and Harinder are joined by Aman Singh for this episode where they recap – Wimbledon and Sunderland victories.

They also discuss following topics:
- Preview Chelsea – the kutteh as well as a few funny stories from Harinder.
- Importance of the match – League Cup semi. We have to go for win and target trophy. What would trophy mean to us?
- Sturridge return and Sterlings Holidaah
- What would a Desi transfer deadline day would be like? The bargaining all desi’s must do. Cultural bartering, so to speak!
Awards – Hafteh Da Haraami & Beeba puth of the match are also chosen!

All this and more it's the Desi Anfield Index Podcast!

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